Repair and Assembly

Assembly and Repair

The unit Assembly and Repair specializes in:

  • assembling of CARIB PC’s
  • repair of both CARIB PC’s and other A-brand computers
  • upgrading of computers
  • installing software
  • solving software problems

The unit Assembly & Repair assembles and supplies all the CARIB PC’s, which have a warranty period of one year. This warranty implies that malfunctions and defective components due to factory errors/default are repaired and substituted free of charge, provided that the malfunction is not caused by inappropriate usage.

We Don’t Repair, We Replace!

When the customer is confronted with a defect in the hardware of one of our CARIB computers, another PC of the same capacity is offered for loan within no more than 24 hours until the defective PC has been repaired and re-installed at the customer’s workplace. This is all free of charge within the time/period of warranty.

We Come To You!

Do you need a computer, laptop or accessories? Want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city? RPBG Trading’s “We come to you” service is the perfect solution.

Specialized in PC-Private!

PC-Private enables employees to buy a PC or laptop at the company where they are employed.

Advantages of PC-Private:

Personnel motivation
Better technical and practical knowledge of hardware and software
A higher level of knowledge means more effective use of automation facilities within a company
Commitment of personnel for the company/ personal commitment with the company
Attractive price agreements through volume size

Please, feel free to call us for more information about PC-Private

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