Internet Solutions

RPBG is your specialized and trusted partner for wireless internet and network solutions both indoors and outdoors, through which you can connect where and when you want to.

As a Wireless Internet Service Provider in Suriname we provide bandwidth connections through the most recent/advanced wireless technology. We highly value quality and continuity. Therefore, RPBG uses only prime products of popular/well-known brands.

For years now/through the years well-known companies and organisations, both public and private, have chosen the ideal and payable solutions from RPBG. First of all, company issues are looked into; then it is decided which solution is the best to improve these issues. In fact, RPBG supports companies, organisations and private enterprises to operate in a smarter, safer and more efficient manner/way.

Interested in our prices? Please contact us via the information on our contact page.

Good to know:

  • On paying 3, 6 or 12 months in advance, you get a 5, 7 and 10% discount on the total amount.
  • If available, the maximum download can be reached. The given speed is the maximum speed that can be reached. In practice the speed can differ from the given maximum speed. RPBG will do all the possible so that the maximum speed can be reached at all times.

RPBG, Breathing Life into ICT...