CartRich Stores

Affordable CartRich Stores

For private and business printing RPBG is offering attractive possibilities. CartRich Stores is the printing solution by RPBG that is based on an advantageous warranty. The warranty that cartridges are compatible with your system and that you are assured that it works and that it is affordable in use. CartRich Stores products meet the quality standards ISO9001, ISO14001, REACH, CE, SGS and STMC. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH, CE, SGS en STMC.

Advantages are:

-Cost-saving with quality guarantee -More ink (ml) compared to the standard cartridges -Special prices for fixed quantities -Guaranteed operation -Possibilities for printer lease -Delivery and installation for B2B -100 percent satisfaction

Inkjet VS Laser

A summary:

Inkjet printers work with ink cartridges These are suitable for households that value color or black printing In addition, it will not be necessary to print daily and intensively Laser printers work with toner cartridges This is advantageous when printing in great quantities Although the black toner is the most popular, the full-colour toner systems are also available

Laser printers werken met toner cartridges
– Dit is voordelig bij het printen van grote volumes.
– Alhoewel zwarte toner het meest populair is, zijn de voordelige fullcolor toner systemen ook te krijgen.

Business printing vs commercial printing?

The system that is most suitable for you depends on your consumption. Business printing is aimed at the bulk consumer. This has several advantages such as the supply of cartridges, machine maintenance or making lease solutions available. For households that do not print intensively, all this is not necessary. In this case an inkjet printer is already sufficient.